1.Start uploading your photo/image by clicking on “canvas prints” or “metal prints” tab. Choose the size you want us to print it in.
2.Fit the photo the way you want us to print it by dragging or rotating the image in the preview window.
3.To insure the best quality we recommend uploading images no less then 1MB in size when printing large size prints.
4.If the final product comes out not of the best quality we will notify you prior to shipping it(Lets say you upload a photo that is 1KB in size and would like it to be on 20×30).
5.Prints on Metal come with a mount on the back of the artwork.
6.Canvas prints are all stretched on a wood frame.

Canvas prints provide a wonderful way to decorate your home with your favorite memories or artwork. In the past, images were actually painted, or rarely, sewed, onto/into the canvas. The quality was then decided by the skill of the artist.

Nowadays, quality is defined by completely different standards. The quality of the canvas, the sturdiness of the frame, and the intensity and vibrancy of the ink used. With this knowledge, we at Transfer Image have committed to using the best materials to ensure your complete satisfaction with your canvas print!

Our process is simple. You’ll first have to select from our sizes, or call us to discuss a custom size. On this section you’ll be able to see a preview of the size compared to the average couch for a basic reference.

After this, upload the image from your computer, the web, Facebook, or Instagram that you’d like to be transferred onto canvas. Alternatively, you can browse our massive selection of fine art and famous paintings that we personally recommend for a great looking fine art canvas print.

The last step is simply placing your order. No hassle at all!

Once your order is placed, we’ll take your image and print it directly onto the canvas using precise, modern techniques and quality inks made to last. Canvas prints should look awesome, and we strive to achieve that standard with every step. Your print’s colors will radiate the emotions and thoughts behind every photo or artwork, and its durability will keep it strong as the canvas settles into its new home.

Our service is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, and our prices are spectacular considering the top-notch quality of goods we provide. Don’t forget to check up on our Flash Deals every now and then to receive an even larger discount on what normally costs much more!

Beyond the simplest way to get your canvas, we also offer a few other features and canvas print formats you might want to take a look at:

- Border/Frame Options: Gallery wrap canvas prints are great, but sometimes you just need a little extra on the edges to complete the image. We offer borders and frames with various options, like solid colors for that simple, but elegant look, or a gradient/textured frame to enhance the fanciness of the print.

- Canvas Print Formats: Canvas prints are actually available in a variety of formats. We offer museum wraps, gallery wraps, and collage canvas prints.

o Museum Wraps feature your photo stretched across a wooden frame the size of your choosing, and then held down by a solid white exterior on the edges of the print. This means that the ends of your photos will be at the front corners, rather than stretched around the edges.

o Gallery Wraps display your photo or fine art similar to the museum wrap, but will stretch the sides of your image across the edges of the print. This creates a continuous scheme of color along the edges of the print, a stylish look and feel for your home.

o Collage Canvas Prints are especially useful when you’d like to combine a few photos into a single work of art to display in your home. With this method, you’d have to upload all the images you would want shown, and then place them as you see fit. Customization at its finest!